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"Echoppes" in Bordeaux : History, heritage and special features

A local architecture

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As well as its remarkable cultural and gastronomic heritage, Bordeaux is also famous forits "Echoppes", charming houses which add ti the charm of the city and some of its streets.

Originally, in the heart of the 15th century, the Echoppe was a hybrid space where the work and daily life of craftsmen and shopkeepers mingled. At the turn of the 18th century, these spaces were transformed into real living spaces, often extended by an urban garden and vegetable patch.

This style of stone house, with its tiled roof and historic façade, bears witness to the adaptability of architecture with the socio-economic changes that were inevitable over the last centuries.


The Bordeaux échoppe is an architectural and cultural signature that is emblematic of the famous town of Bordeaux.

These houses built to meet the needs of craftsmen families, shopkeepers or workers are now particularly ppopular and sought after on the Bordeaux real estate market as they often offer a charming garden in the very heart of the city.

The origin of the term "eschoppe" dates back to the late medieval period, as it was used to describre a kind of wooden lean-to built against the city walls. At that time, these structures provided shelter for crafsmen and tradesmen as they went about their daily business and were therefore intially intended for commercial purposes.

It was not until the 18th century that the term "échoppe" began to describe a type of dwelling. The majority of these typically Bordeaux houses were built in the 19th century, a period of strong economic growth.

These modest homes with their distinctive charming architecture and clear stone facades are particularly common in old district such as : Saint-Michel, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Augustin and Saint-Seurin.

The shops of Bordeaux are lined up along the streets, creating an architectural continuity reflectingthe charm of Bordeaux. They are recognizable with their sturdy stone facades and modestly high walls. Although they may appear humble from the outside, they often are surprising with the depth of their open-plans rooms. Some of them, built during the Second Empire, conceal vaulted cellars, testimony to the conservation needs of yesteryear.

Today, these historic gems have been carefully restored to preserve their original appearance. Some stalls have been raised by one storey or have had their garden extended to add a swimming pool or a charming outbuilding. They thus become true urban oases.


The Bordeaux "échoppe" with its timeless charm and distinctive architectural features has become a true symbol of Bordeaux's heritage. Its design, while simple, reflects a true elegance that make it highly sought-after, both by lovers of history and by those looking to set up home in a unique space.

This house comes in two categories : the "Simple échoppe", with a facade measuring between 5 and 6 meters with a single window and a front door opening onto the street, OR the "double échoppe" with a facade measuring between 8 and 10 meters, with two windows on each side of the front door.


The house is generally built of ashlar a noble local material that gives it solidity, freshness and elegance. The facade facing the street is often elaborately decorated. Depending on the district and the period, it may feature a variety of decorations, from simple borders to more elaborate friezes. The roofs, meanwhile, are typically made of Gironde tiles, adding a warm, rustic touch to the whole.

Wether it's a small single-storey house or a single-family home, the Bordeaux échoppe inspires conviviality and intimacy.

The interior of an échoppe is designed to maximize space while providing a comfortable living environment. In the double version, the mayout is centered around a central corridor that distributes betweem 3 to 4 bedrooms. 

The woodwork, particularly the doors, shutters and parquet flooring, is often made from fine woods such as pine or oak, adding warmth and authenticity to the property as a whole. One of the striking features of the échoppes is its high ceilings, which give a feeling of space.

The unique and much-loved garden, once used as a vegetable patch, is now a haven of peace in the heart of the city.


More than just an architectural heritage, the Bordeaux échoppe has become a sought-after property investment. Once home to workers and craftsmen, the échoppe is now considered as a simple, unique and authentic home that might suit everyone, including friends annd family !

Each échoppe in Bordeaux for sale is unique. Whether it's a single or double one, each of them offers distinct potential. Some have been magnificently renovated, combining old-world charm with modern facilities while others need work, but still offer future owners the opportunity to personalize them to their tastes.

Bordeaux Sotheby's International Realty puts its knowledge of every area of the city at your service to help you make the most of your property plans.

Whether you are looking for a holiday or an investment property, our real estate experts will guide you through the streets and alleys of this beautiful town ... Bordeaux will no longer hold any secrets for YOU thanks to US !

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