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Cap Ferret / Pyla
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Real Estate in Cap Ferret Pyla with Cap Ferret Pyla Sotheby’s International Realty
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Real Estate in Cap Ferret Pyla with Cap Ferret Pyla Sotheby’s International Realty

Luxury real estate in Cap Ferret - Pyla - Bassin d'Arcachon

Less than one hour from Bordeaux, there stretch the most pristine beaches in France and Europe. The envy of many countries!  Barely a few kilometers away from the city one feels on vacation year round. The famous Pyla Dune (also known spelt Pilat), the resorts of Moulleau or the Cap Ferret Peninsula, the oyster villages of l’Herbe ou le Canon, the huts on stilts on l’ïle aux Oiseaux (Birds’ Island) or the Arguin sandbank, the Leyre River …. A slew of magical names and an evocative list of sites to visit on weekends, marvel about during the summer holidays.

Every day, every month and every year, this gorgeous, moveable bay offers a new show to its fortunate dwellers. Its very special lifestyle attracts passionate admirers from all horizons. Many rich and famous people settle there in the hope of preserving their privacy, away from the paparazzi and autograph chasers. On the Bassin d’Arcachon, most people live in hiding or with one’s family, savoring the pleasure of gathering together in their Belle Epoque villas where generations have spent their summers. Or else, they nestle in the pine forest, behind tall and thick hedges, in the 44ha district for instance, sharing their time between surfing on the ocean side and promenading a boisterous bunch of children on their ‘pinasses’ (typical recreation boats) on the bay side.

Shopping at Jane de Boy’s, relishing fresh oysters at Dupuch’s, at dusk, dipping one’s feet into the water, picnicking on the Arguin sandbank at sunset, savoring Dunes Blanches (pastries!) at Pascal’s or Olivier’s Love Sherbets (the best in town!) after a dinner at Hortense’s, biking, horse back riding through the pine trees or even hitting a few golf balls on the local ’18 holes’… here are just a few of the varied activities which this blessed area can offer you to leisurely  fill up your peaceful days. 

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