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Real Estate in Bordeaux and Bassin d’Arcachon region
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Real Estate in Bordeaux and Bassin d’Arcachon region

Bordeaux and its surroundings, Wineyards, Arcachon Bay

The entire region around Bordeaux would deserve a long description of its bucolic landscapes with their unravelling vineyards as far as the eye can see and amazing rivers running through them, like the Ciron River which gives the wines of Sauternes their peculiar sweetness and unique color of gold nuggets. One could linger about the Médoc Peninsula which strings its magnificent châteaux along the famous D2 road or casts its nets in the estuary hoping to catch a few fish to be grilled on vine shoots for a festive dinner. One could also enumerate its lakes and swamps, classified growths, endless forests of fragrant pine trees or oak woodlands, full of savory Cèpes mushrooms.

The region boasts a pleasant climate enabling its inhabitants to visit and enjoy the surroundings or discover its natural treasures: the Atlantic Ocean, the world renowned vineyards, the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, both loaded with history, the Landes forest and the Pyrenées mountains which are very close, not to mention Spain and Portugal. Bordeaux, its capital, is just awakening after a long nap. Right out of its shell and rid of its blackened façades and seedy districts, our beautiful city is shining again.

Bordeaux, from ‘sleeping beauty’ to ‘in vogue’

Listed on the World Heritage Registry since June 2007 and most favorite European destination in 2015, Bordeaux is also named the most trendy city by the Lonely Planet. Enriched by its long history, magnificent 18th century architecture and vinicultural roots, Bordeaux is looking to the future and innovation.
Every day, new businesses are settling here thus causing a huge urban development. Linked to the rest of France and the world by an excellent transportation network, our city enjoys a privileged location near the shore and benefits from the Ocean, the Gironde estuary and the Garonne river. Now the fast train link Bordeaux to Paris in only two hours making it a weekend destination for weary city dwellers or inquisitive tourists eager to immerse themselves in our culture.

Education, sports, cultural and non-profit organizations abound in Bordeaux. As a result, life is pleasant here with or without children, as a student or a retiree. Universities and top graduate schools deliver a high level of education on several prestigious campuses. Our gastronomy is refined and, of course, served with superb wines produced in the nearby appellations. They are the flagships of our elegance, and convivial manners. They convey messages of shared family values and friendship as well. Thanks to them, life in this privileged city is mellow and that is why it was voted preferred European destination ahead of London, Lisbon and Madrid.
Our mayor, former Prime Minister Alain Juppé, aims at attracting new actors in the French economy, easing the development of modern habitat and encouraging the ecological awareness of its dwellers. Bordeaux Metropole is about to become a one million people metropolis, rivaling with Lyon, Marseille or Lille and shining in France as well as abroad.

Our wines have been tied to our history for about 2000 years. The vineyards designed our city and sculpted our landscapes. Throughout the ages, they have enriched our economy. Local wines existed way back during Roman times according to Ausone, the famous Latin poet. For centuries, our bottles have known an unparalleled success throughout the world as they were exported to England or Holland by waterways.
Since the official classification of 1855, our wines have never ceased to herald the reputation of our city and its lifestyle. They are our best ambassadors on all the prestigious tables of the planet.
Less than one our away from the city, there stretch the most beautiful fine sand beaches in France and Europe. The famous Pyla Dune, the summer resorts of Moulleau or Cap Ferret, the oyster villages of L’Herbe and Le Canon, the huts on stilts on l’Île aux Oiseaux (Birds’ Island) or the sandbank of Arguin…a poetic, non-exhaustive list of magical names and places which welcome their regulars and amaze the new visitors on vacation.

(Photo : Juan di Nella)

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