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Discovering Bordeaux thanks to Carmen Geffrault Milcent, Operational Manager of Bordeaux Sotheby's Realty and Cap Ferret Pyla Sotheby's Realty

A place to discover :
Built in 1886, by the architects Lacombe and Durand, the market "the market of the Douves" inspired by the Baltard style remained in operation until 1985.
Today it is a "house of associations", with an associative café ... where the light can be just divine. A place as simple as superb ... a bit different, less classic, less "bourgeois" and just as attractive as the usual architecture of Bordeaux.

Carmen recommends you to spend one of your next moments in life there ... let's meet at 4 rue des Douves, in Bordeaux !

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Anne Valérie Colas will tell you the best of this place ...
Here is a place where you might taste delicious  oysters ... and  everything is perfect.

Everything is peaceful,  the terrace is sunny ...
The oysters are just delicious of course ... you will enjoy the fresh bread and a tasty butter too.

The owner ... a man sitting at the edge of "his" water ... will tell you his own story .. a part of his life ... 

Between two visits with us, enjoy a moment "Chez Ghislain" in Petit Piquey.

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