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Leaving London, Los Angeles or Paris and flying over to settle down with your family in Bordeaux or its surroundings?
This is The Bet that some of our customers made in 2020 and 2021!
And what a success... !

- It's about reconnecting to a real quality of life (What exactly is it ?) ... in your neighborhood, people say "Good morning and Hello" ... you will learn to know your neighbors is no longer necessary to register your children for Judo activity 17 months before the scheduled start date of the lessons and your baker knows your preferences in terms of how much your preferred baguette g-has to be cooked or baked ...

- Bordeaux is a pleasant city, (Lonely Planet measured it), and economically and socially dynamic (Click here).
Schools, Universities and training centers are present. The Research Pole is innovative.
The employment pool is dynamic (unemployment rate in Bordeaux has been falling very regularly since 2015) and the proximity to Paris allows everyone to think about their work differently (Teleworking in New Aquitaine, read here). .
The real estate there is qualitative, consistent thanks to the use of this magnificent Aquitania blond stone and still accessible. Some neighborhoods are emerging: Saint Paul , Saint Pierre, Saint Augustin...!

Here are the 5 good, very objective reasons to come and join us in Bordeaux:

1 - Bordeaux is a shining and sparkling town :
The city has been a major port since the 18th century; she shines again!
Bordeaux stone has regained its splendour. The city is cohesive and sweet. It is a southern city with its tiled roofs and sunny terraces. Its quays of the Garonne are a marvel... just like its districts classified as World Heritage by Unesco (What is it ?).

2 - Bordeaux is the place for Wine Excellence and a one of a kind Gastronomy :
It is the sole region that has so many strong brands and Grands Crus Classés ..; Wine properties might be opened to Public, revealing their vines, their cellars and (almost) all their secrets. The famous  "Cité du Vin" is a wonderful place to discover wines. Where to learn and understand Wines.
The heart of the city beats and pulsates around numerous events, bars and discussions around Wine.
Bordeaux lives the Wine. Fly over and work as a French vineyard's owner.
A full part of the french gastronomy has been developed around these great "Bordeaux wines"...

3 - It is a rather fluid and quiet city :
Noise is considered and fought in Bordeaux : see actions here !!
The Tramway is very quiet, scooters and electric bikes are crowded in the city... we walk there a lot... we walk there... we stroll there... the city is the Little Paris !

4 - Bordeaux is at:
Two hours from Paris
One hour from the sandy beaches
Three hours from the snowy slopes of the Pyrénées
A few hours flight from Greece, Majorca, Malaga, Sicily or Milan (Are we looking at flight schedules together ?) for reasonable budgets.

Bordeaux is a city that moves, grows and evolves. Some districts seem to have existed for centuries, others are changing (the Chartrons district for example, which has become as Chic as it is Bohemian), while still others are reborn around small shops, bars or restaurants like so many small villages in the city. (Saint Peter, Saint Paul ...).

5 - In Bordeaux... the weather is rather nice!
This is no longer a debate !!

Bordeaux Sotheby's International Realty and Cap Ferret Pyla Sotheby's International Realty offer unique properties for sale, superb places to live, share, work and love in ...

What if you give us a call ?
Bordeaux: +33 556 796 362
Cap Ferret Pyla: +33 557 720 454

Our Website :
Hope to Ssee you soon !!!!

Bordeaux Sotheby's International Realty, your expert in luxury real estate in Bordeaux and Cap-Ferret / Pyla and the sale of houses, mansions, residences, villas and luxury apartments in Bordeaux and on the Bassin d'Arcachon.


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