2020 : No landing for prices in Real Estate

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2020 : No landing for prices in Real Estate

France - Bordeaux - Cap Ferret

Prices should continue to increase this year in France ...

The Livret A and the euro funds of life insurance pay little.
Real estate (rental investment) therefore remains an attractive investment, particularly if you want to secure your retirement.
this is new support for the Real Estate sector, 27% of transactions recorded in 2019 were in this context.

In addition, mortgage rates are rising ... yes ... but not much! We borrow at 1.1% over 20 years on average where we borrowed at 1% over the same period a few months ago. We no longer borrow over 30 years, but over a maximum period again capped at 25 years to avoid overheating the mortgage.

We are therefore expecting this year a gentle increase in prices in the provinces, of around 2%.

(Source: Le Figaro Economy of Jan. 7, 2020)

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