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Cap Ferret / Pyla
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Our Atypical properties for sale

7 Luxury

Living in Bordeaux or in its surrounding countryside, not too far from the Atlantic coast or by a river, in the center of the city or in one of its charming districts ...
Living in a loft, an artist's studio, a Penthouse, an architect's home or an authentic château ...
Why not imagine coming to live here, with us, with or without your tribe, in an unusual and singular place?

A location where the only deluxe would be the peace, the tranquillity, a certain kind of simplicity with a thousand details?
A place where the only prestige would be that of rarity, uniqueness and singularity?

Let's discuss this project of purchasing an untypical property. Call us.

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We have a special and thorough understanding of the Local real Estate Market. Our team of specialists studies and values your asset with expertise and acuity; our valuations are carefully studied and documented.

They are the warranty of a best price sale, a fair price. A balanced price.
They are the assurance of a fluid, calm and pleasurable sale.
They are the guarantee, for the buyers, of a successful, durable and singular investment.

Each property is different. Some are untypical. We are familiar with this value: the value of rareness.

Let's talk about this sale project. Let's call one another.